The PECOP Logo

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Our logo depicts what we are about

  • RED, YELLOW, and BLUE are colors of the Philippine flag
  • The sun represents the light of Christ, whom we endeavor to bring to least-reached minority communities using our artistic talents
  • The sun's rays are mountain ranges, that depict these "far-flung areas" where minority groups often live
  • The red and blue ribbons are Baybayin-like letters -- where you can easily imagine P-E-C-O-P. Baybayin is an ancient & indigenous Filipino system of writing.
  • The covering of the some of the “mountain ranges” by the Baybayin is a symbolism for the hidden people groups that have yet to be reached by the gospel.
  • Our preferred background is BLACK -- usually the shirt color of many performing artists. The contrast adds drama to and highlights our logo. However, we chose a white background for this website to make the page more aesthetically appealing.